I’m not asleep…

I’m just resting my eyezzz…

Via Cute Overload.

Willie vs. The Viper!

The Viper is coming, and he vants to vash your vindows!

Via Willie the Bulldog on Facebook.

Gabe the bulldog and his bag of tricks

Worth it alone to see him riding a rocking horse—but can he do my taxes?

Via Suburban Bullies on Facebook.

Introducing the 4WD SUBD

(Four-wheel drive sport utility bulldog, that is!)

As seen on the I Love English Bulldogs Facebook page.

Bulldogs wobble, and they do fall down!

Courtesy of Sargent Chumley Lane on Facebook.

Full contact, or: The Superbull(dog!)

I don’t know what team he’s on, but I bet its logo is a ripoff of Preston Blair.

Video of Griffin by Lisa B.

When a hawk meets a bulldog

Rarely-heard alternate lyrics by Percy Sledge.

Bulldog dreams he’s a garden slug

A talking garden slug!

The Amazin’ Slidin’ Bulldog

If they can master a skateboard and a trampoline, someday they’ll have a shot with a playground slide, too!

Bulldog Surprise Part II

Shock and aww…

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